Well that was quick …

The first 100 DV3000s are sold at the intro sale price and have been shipped to 10 different countries. We have started a new build cycle and are accepting back-orders. We intend to maintain units in stock after that.

Thanks for getting this off to a great start!

11 Responses to Well that was quick …

  1. Donald says:

    How can I find out if my order, made this Monday, is in the group that shipped?
    Thank You
    Don Jacob

    • k7udr says:

      Hi Don, it shipped yesterday. I resent your order completed with tracking number.


  2. Bob Nielsen says:

    I received mine yesterday! It doesn’t quite fit inside the RPi case but I will eventually be using it in a UDRX-440, so that doesn’t really matter. I followed the instructions to build the dv3000d daemon but ran into a problem which I posted on the UniversalDigitalRadio and ircDDBGateway lists on Yahoo.

    Bob Nielsen, N7XY

    • k7udr says:

      Hi Bpb,

      Which dimension didn’t fit? You can clip off the expansion header if you’re not using it.


      • Bob Nielsen says:

        Hi Bryan,
        The case has an opening for the expansion header but the height of the plastic headers on both the Raspberry Pi and the DV3000 add up to more than the internal height limitation on the case. The case top fits loosely but it won’t bottom out (it’s about .08 in. too short). Possibly there are other cases with more room. The spacer supplied with the DV3000 is a bit short also (I assume it all fits on the UDRx-440). It’s not a big deal, since I intend to eventually use the DV3000 on a UDRx-440, once that arrives.

      • Bob Nielsen says:

        I tried a Bud Pi Sandwich case, which is much larger. Unfortunately, since the top and bottom are identical, the mounting clip post on the top interferes slightly with the DV3000 board. It will fit, however.

      • John Hays says:

        I use the Bud case and seems to work well for me.

  3. Marc Lacy says:

    Well, that was quick.

  4. Scott Pettigrew - N8VSI says:

    What size/type of header do you use between the rPi & the DV3000’s mounting hole?

    • k7udr says:

      The header is a thru type allowing you to add another board on top. You can clip the pins off if you don’t need that feature. The header is a tad over 1/2″ high. The standoff is 1/2″.