Upcoming Events

We’ll be at the Summer Gathering in North Bend WA this weekend (Sep 6-8) talking about changes to the FCC Regs and how that affects the UDR56k.

Then catch us at DCC in Seattle, after which we’ll release our progress update.

11 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Lance Homer says:

    For those of us who can’t make it and aren’t up on what FCC regs you are referring to – without giving away your talking points, could you send a link to an article about the changes?

    Lance / K7LQH

    • k7udr says:

      The proposal was published in the September issue of QST, which is available to ARRL members. I will release a public statement along with the DCC proceedings.

      Exciting Times!
      Bryan K7UDR

  2. Thom says:

    Great presentation at the Summer Gathering, and an excellent job leading the Sunday discussion. Those that missed it will have to wait to find out how things are going to change!

    • joe says:

      Not sure why the big secret here. If it’s a new FCC rule, just spill the beans.

      Its pretty impractical for those of us a thousand + miles away to attend.

      • k7udr says:

        All of the presentations are published after DCC and also released on video at hamradionow.tv

      • joe says:

        Look forward to seeing it.

      • K7FZO says:

        No secrets intended, what I was referring to was changes coming to the NW APRS organization, how we communicate, and the future Summer Gatherings.
        The event was most excellent, sorry you were unable to attend, but if you are interested watch this Fall for changes coming to the NWAPRS website and how it will be integrated into other digital mode information on the web. 73 de Thom / K7FZO

  3. joe says:

    So wheres the new info/data for the rest of the masses?