UDRX is on the air

We have the Transmit side of the RF deck checked out and operational. This includes the 9600 FSK Modem and 25kHz IF stages.

Dennis is working on the 100kHz IF while I’m checking out the TX/RX switch.

Keep the faith,
Bryan K7UDR

6 Responses to UDRX is on the air

  1. Steve Stroh says:

    Yay! Congrats Dennis and Bryan! That’s a BIG step forward.

    Godspeed! Looking forward to the show and tell at Dayton.

    • Barry Volpe says:

      Any feedback (we love it and/or it would be nice if it had…) or enthusiasm about the UDRX that can be shared after Dayton would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I didn’t pre-order but it seems like once the flood gates open I’m hoping more of the product will be available by years end?

      I did take advantage of the discount on the DV3000 board and purchased that yesterday. For a several reasons. One I can get my hands on the chip without having to buy a 1000!, I didn’t have to explicitly buy an ICOM radio or DV Dongle/DVAP to have the vocoder that is integrated for those products. Very cool to have the chip on a board already with an I/O connector. Because it will work on the RaspberryPi I can use it right away and finally when I get a UDRX I will already have that board.

      Ambitious project. Appreciate the hard work!

      AG6WK (Barry Volpe Simi Valley, CA)

  2. Charles "Chuck" Woodward. K4CDW says:

    Inquiry: 1. Any updated Availability Date? 2. Any updated final cost figures? 3. Any thought to making the Owner/user manual available early so that we can study up in advance and be ready to hit the streets running when the long awaited and anticipated product is finally ready for distribution?

    • k7udr says:

      Hi Chuck,

      1. Looks like Order in Q2 Delivery in Q3.
      2. We’re staying with $395 MSRP and will honor all pre-order discounts.
      3. We will post YouTube Videos in advance and will have the web interface on-line to play with before shipment.

      Thanks for your patience!

  3. Marc Lacy says:

    Yay, getting ever closer.

  4. Joe says:

    Good to see some progress on this project. Looking forward to getting my hands on one.