UDRX does Raspberry Pi 2

We have moved from our custom linux SBC to the Raspberry Pi 2. This has a number of advantages:

  • Higher Performance
  • Lower Cost
  • Better Software Support
  • Easier for Developers to migrate SW to the UDRX
  • Future processor migration path, assuming header pinout compatibility

Of course nothing comes for free and there has been additional SW work migrating from a 3.x to 4.x kernel. Packaging has also been affected, but the overall package is simpler and better for final assembly. We are testing now using our existing RF Deck and a 40 pin adapter cable.

Existing SBC

Existing SBC





40 Pin Remapping Header

40 Pin Remapping Header


Test Configuration with Optional Paper Clip

Test Configuration

We are engaging with a Contract Manufacturer for Turn-Key Production, including custom extrusions. Engineering is moving forward towards a pilot run, once the Pi2+RF Deck is qualified at full power.

Expect the next update in January

5 Responses to UDRX does Raspberry Pi 2

  1. Scott Slack says:

    Are you considering eliminating the 40-pin mapping header, and just making your RF board RPi2 header compat?

    • k7udr says:

      Yes definitely, the mapping header only exists to allow testing with our current inventory of RF cards.

  2. Dave Maria says:

    I think for the experimenter, this is a very good thing and I am very happy about it. I am somewhat surprised that the deck still hasn’t been tested for full power.