UDR56k Discount Ends this Week

Thanks to the nearly 300 early adopters that have pre-ordered.

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it ends June 15th, as you won’t be seeing these discounts on low volumes again.

Pre-orders have the right to increase their quantity or cancel at confirmation time.

10% for a single UDR, save $40

Get a club buy together and save even more:
15% for two or more, save $60 each

One Response to UDR56k Discount Ends this Week

  1. Leland Fellows says:

    I’ll either get a couple myself or team up with kc5zrq John Habbinga for the deeper discount.
    As expected, somewhat hesitant on first run anything, especially in quantity.

    P.S. Been following John on digital ham stuff since 2009.