UDR Progress Report

Hello All,

Basil delivered  the IQ ADC/DAC driver earlier this month and Dennis has an initial port of the modem completed, so we are moving into RF characterization. Once the transmit chain has been checked out, I will be working on the PA, RX/TX switch and thermal characterization while Dennis proceeds with the receive chain.

I have started layout on prototype II. I anticipate a third spin on the prototype before moving to pilot production in China.

We will not accept orders until I have fully functional prototypes in hand and then there is a 8-12 week production cycle.

Best case is orders this year for delivery in late Q1.

The initial deliverable includes:

  • 9600 MSK and 4800 GMSK Modems
  • Support for AX.25 and D-STAR DV
  • Winlink Client/Server
  • APRS Tracker/IGate
  • D-STAR IrcDDB Gateway
  • Hi-Speed Test Mode*

D-STAR Voice using the AMBE add-on card will be released after initial shipments are complete.

*We are not implementing legacy 56k support as there is little installed equipment and our engineering efforts are better spent on faster modes with FEC. The Hi-Speed Test will allow us to prove out our hardware and start gathering channel characterization data.

Full support for Hi-Speed TCP/IP and D-STAR DD will be a free Software Update in Q3 2014.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support,
Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR

4 Responses to UDR Progress Report

  1. Marcus says:

    Thank you for the update, truly appreciated. I personally would applaud if the production were kept in the US and am more than willing to pay the small premium for that. Just a thought.

    • Vaughn Phillips says:

      I’m going to second this. I get the feeling that it will be wholly cost-prohibitive to do this… but it’d still be nice to have something designed AND manufactured in the USA. I’ve always been one for paying my neighbors for products, even when they cost more than stuff made elsewhere.

  2. John Ronan says:

    Thanks for the update Brian, anticipation is growing 😉

  3. Vaughn Phillips says:

    I don’t know how “usable” the prototypes are, nor how feasible this is, but have you guys considered auctioning off any of the beta units / prototypes? You could do lots of things with them. The Raspberry Pi guys auctioned theirs off for charity. Some people give them as gifts for designers, early adopters, etc. You could raffle them for PR, or any number of creative things. Or signed versions, or getting the production “Serialized” and auctioning the first few. Seems like there could be some potential for fun and/or profit here!