ThumbDV™: Ordering is Now Open

Now available from NW Digital Radio, a USB based version of the popular DV3000 AMBE™ vocoder board. The new product is the ThumbDV™ (model number DV3000U) and is available for ordering for $119.95, plus applicable taxes and shipping. Initial shipments for the ThumbDV™ are projected for the 3rd week of December, however, we cannot guarantee the shipment date until the production run is completed.

AMBE 3000 USB ThumbDV™(Model DV3000U)


There are a limited number of ThumbDV™ units available in December, so get your order in early. We will do our best to ship in time for Christmas (US/Canada), pending any production delays. NW Digital Radio will be closed December 18th to the 29th.

Our DV3000 product, which is designed to be the vocoder for our forthcoming UDRX-440 digital radio, also acts as a popular add-on board to the Raspberry Pi single board computer and is now deployed in 25 countries around the world. This capability allows network communication through the Internet to the global D-STAR network using a computer with a microphone and speakers. The ThumbDV™ makes this functionality available on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX* computers through a USB port in a thumb drive/dongle package. We invite developers to extend use to other platforms.

Current products in the AMBE USB space use the older AMBE-2000 series of vocoder chips which do not support additional digital voice radio standards such as DMR, System Fusion, dPMR, NXDN, P25 Phase 2 HR, and others, which can be addressed by the newer AMBE-3000 series vocoder chip as found in the DV3000 and ThumbDV™, pending further 3rd party software development.

Press Release

ThumbDV™ Resource Page

* DummyRepeater performance is currently not satisfactory on OSX and ircDDBGateway has not been ported. We do not recommend purchasing the ThumbDV™ for exclusive use on Mac OSX at this time.

AMBE is a trademark of DVSI.

6 Responses to ThumbDV™: Ordering is Now Open

  1. Jess Girard ND1L says:

    I’ll be quite interested when I can use this with ircDDB Gateway. My 2M DVAP is one of the very first, and unstable. BTW, where doe this little guy run? 2M or 440?


    • John Hays says:

      Hi Jess,

      The ThumbDV™ function is closer to a DVDongle albeit more capable and lower priced. Our UDRX-440 would be the logical replacement for the DVAP providing 25 Watts of power and having an inbuilt computer capable of running ircDDBGateway inside the radio.

      — John

      (DVAP and DVDongle are products of Internet Labs of Atlanta, GA)

      • Jess Girard ND1L says:

        Thanks for your reply, John. I didn’t read critically and assumed it was a DVAP replacement. Mea culpa!

        I’ll look into the UDRX-440.


  2. Dave Hayes says:

    So, this will plug into my PC, like the DV-Dongle does, and I can then access the DSTAR network from my PC? The Windows software to make this happen is now available as well? All this at $119?

    And in future it will be able to access other digital networks?

    Dave VE3JX