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Support is covered under our warranty and satisfaction guarantee. This support extends to hardware that we manufacture and sell to the general public.  We fully stand behind our products and your success as a customer of NW Digital Radio.  This support extends only to products we manufacture.

Order and Warranty Inquiries

For queries about existing orders or warranty service.  Be advised that orders are shipped via the US Postal Service with a tracking number. Once an order is shipped we don’t have any additional information than what can be obtained by looking up the tracking number.

Support Forums

We provide support forums for discussion and wikis frequently asked questions and application notes.  To access these forums, please join our main forum at where we will provide general company information.  Once you are a member of the main forum, please join the subgroups by product interest:

  • For the ThumbDV, PiDV, and AMBEserver please join the AMBE sub-group
  • For the UDRC, UDRC-II, and DRAWS please join the DRAWS and UDRC sub-group
  • For Compass Linux, drivers, and firmware please join the Compass Linux sub-group
This allows the folks at NW Digital Radio and others to answer once and everyone can benefit.
A few important requests:
  • Use the right sub-group for you topic (e.g. draws and udrc to and so forth)
  • Use subject line hashtags, e.g. #fldigi for topics about fldigi. If you use the web interface you can click on hashtags in the subject and see all postings related to that topic, including previous conversations.  Also you can search them in your email.  This helps with organizing information and doing your research on a topic.
  • Place one and only only one issue per topic, with  a matching hashtag, and create separate topics for each issue so that a thread can be established for a topic/issue.  E.g. don’t place an AX.25 and D-STAR issue in the same topic, unless it is specific to an interaction of the two (rare), create a topic for each.
  • Be thorough in your description, e.g. radio, which port, which application, configuration, etc. Others can’t figure out what is going on without sufficient information.

Installation and Setup

See the wiki in the product’s sub-group as listed above.  (Under Development)


NW Digital Radio provides a Raspbian image, preloaded with many applications to support the DRAWS™ HAT.  It is currently in beta, and can be found at, once downloaded, unzip the file and use an image copy program such as Etcher (or dd on Linux) to copy to an unformatted SD Card (8GB or larger, Category 10 or better recommended).  Boot your Raspberry Pi with this image and the HAT installed.  It will initially reboot on its own to expand the filesystem to fill your SD Card.  Visit for current information on initial setup and configuration.

CR1220 3V Lithium Battery is not included.

Application Support

Installation, configuration, and debugging support for applications which use our products is provided by the creators of those applications. We are unable to provide support for programs written by others.  Verify that you have properly installed and working hardware, then contact the application provider for support.  Use the verification procedures listed below, and the support forum to determine if you hardware is functioning.  If you determine you have faulty hardware, use the form below for warranty support.

Verifying ThumbDV Hardware

The ThumbDV (and PiDV) appear to the operating system and applications as a serial port.  The only function for these devices is to take digitized voice from an application and return AMBE encoded data back to the application or take AMBE encoded data from the application and return digitized voice back to the application.  All other functions are part of the application, this includes; network connectivity, microphone and speaker, data reporting, linking/unlinking, traffic routing, etc.

A primary test is to see if the serial port appears when the ThumbDV is plugged into a USB port and disappears when it is removed.  Under Windows this can be observed in the Device Manager program.  In Linux and MacOS this will show in the /dev directory as a tty with USB in the name.  Secondarily, programs to determine if your AMBE device is working are included in the AMBE sub-group and it’s associated files section.

Verifying DRAWS and UDRC Hardware

When using Compass Linux (or Raspbian with the driver/device tree added), the command aplay -L will list the sound devices including your DRAWS or UDRC (DRAWS may show UDRC, the sound subsystem is the same).  You can also find the device under /proc/device-tree/hat.  On DRAWS, the GPS serial port is at /dev/ttySC0 and pulse per second device is at /dev/pps0.

Out of Stock / Restocking

If a product is not in stock for ordering, we will indicate it on the product ordering page.  We will make a general announcement on the blog and in the support forum when new inventory is available, we do not keep a list of requests for individual notification.

Pre-sales and Bulk Pricing

Contact regarding any pre-sales questions or for large/bulk order quotes