Q1 Progress Report

Prototype 2 has come back from assembly and passed initial bring-up. It is now in RF characterization. I expect this prototype to be fully functional but require some changes for full power operation.

We will have a full report at the MicroHAMS Digital Conference.

Thanks for your patience,
Bryan, K7UDR

3 Responses to Q1 Progress Report

  1. David, W2LNX says:


    We look forward to seeing you and the UDRX-440 at Dayton in May. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you,
    David, W2LNX

  2. Doug, VE7EPT says:

    Nice to hear things progressing. I am really looking forward to trying the units out!

  3. bryant says:

    Has anyone thought to use these radios for interent linking across states?