DRAWS™ Digital Radio Amateur Workstation (HAT Only)


Raspberry Pi HAT with Dual Radio Interface, GPS and More …

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HW Features:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Compliant HAT
  • Power HAT and Pi from 6-15VDC
    • Onboard Voltage Monitor
  • 2 Radio Interfaces
    • Mini DIN-6 Connectors
    • Optional Cables
  • On Board GPS
    • Optional External Antenna w/LNA
    • PPS for Stratum 1 Time Source
    • Battery Backed Clock
  • Accessory Port
    • PWR, IO, Serial Port, Analog In

Operating Modes:

  • Headless, operate from your Computer
    • Network Attach or VNC
  • Workstation, operate locally by adding
    • HDMI Monitor
    • USB Keyboard & Mouse
  • Remote Base
    • Connect using VNC

Open Source Software:

DRAWS™ self identifies to the OS for configuration.

An image is available for download with popular applications pre-installed, including:

  • Packet 
    • DIREWOLF 1200/9600
    • APRS, WinLink
  • Soundcard Digital
    • FLDIGI, WSJT-X, JS8Call
  • Digital Voice Repeater/Hotspot

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Weight 4 oz

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