Pacificon 2014

George, W5JDX,  from AmateurLogic.TV came by and interviewed John, K7VE, about our current and soon to be released products. Starts at 48:50

3 Responses to Pacificon 2014

  1. John Hays says:

    One observer noticed Mac laptops in the video and asked if the DV3000U will work with a Mac.

    The DV3000U looks like a FTDI USB-TO-Serial device to the operating system. We have not qualified it on the Mac OS X yet. The availability of FTDI serial ports as an option is dependent on the version of Mac OS X. We believe we can qualify the device on Mac OS X, but it may require some additional steps to get the right driver. We have Mac devices in our company, so we will confirm this and will write up details on our blog for Mac users.

    This is only part of the answer though. The typical programs (DummyRepeater and ircDDBGateway) used for D-STAR network communication with the DV3000/DV3000U are not currently built for Mac OS. It is reasonable to believe that a competent Mac OS developer could port them as they are open source C++ programs developed by G4KLX. For a complete D-STAR solution this work will need to be accomplished first. However, if a customer wanted to use the DV3000U with software of their own design, it would just need to be able to access the DV3000U as a serial device, or as a ‘network’ device on a UDP port.

    If there is a Mac developer interested in porting the software to Mac OS, for inclusion in the opendv open source project, the source can be found at (contact me should you wish to undertake such a port)

    Linux and Windows support is already in the G4KLX opendv suite. We will provide a patch to dv3000d daemon to support the DV3000U.

    We will provide more information via the blog and UniversalDigitalRadio Yahoo! forums as it comes available.

  2. Steve Stroh says:

    So why do the long-suffering supporters of NW Digital Radio have to wad through this video podcast to sift out the kind-of announcement of new products from NW Digital Radio. C’mon folks… get some marketing chops and announce to your loyal fan base FIRST!