G4KLX creates new FM Repeater Controller software with UDRC Support

From the repository at https://github.com/g4klx/FMRepeater

“These are the source files for building the FMRepeater. This is a simplified version of the old Analogue Repeater that has existed on the OpenDV GitHub repository for many years. It has the following features:

  • Seperate id and beacon texts.
  • Timeout can be one of three styles, or no timeout.
  • Optional callsign at repeater open or close, or both.
  • Id may be suppressed if too close in time to a previous id.
  • Optional kerchunk timer.
  • Selectable acknowledgement style.
  • All ids and acknowledgements have selectable frequency and speed.
  • Minimum talk time before an acknowledgement is sent.
  • Built-in string audio bandpass filter.
  • Repeater control via an Arduino or a UDRC.
  • Audio I/O via any supported sound system, including the UDRC.

It builds on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux as well as on Windows using Visual Studio 2017 on x86 and x64.page on the LCDproc website for more info.”