Email Updates

Hi all,

We’ve received a few support requests regarding order status.

An automated email is sent from when the order is accepted and another when it is shipped, complete with USPS tracking number. For International orders, USPS delivers to your countries postal service which may or may not provide tracking updates. We have no more visibility than you do.

If you don’t receive an email it’s due to one of the following:

  • The email in your order is incorrect or it’s an email you don’t check
  • It’s in your spam folder
  • Your ISP has blacklisted GoDaddy

We can’t do anything about the first two, but we’re checking on alternatives for the last one. By all means if you don’t receive confirmation, send an email to support and we’ll process it manually.

One Response to Email Updates

  1. Kerry McKenzie says:

    just wanted to say thanks, it took a long time but my DV3000U arrived last week
    along with a heap of other overdue packeages so there must have been a delay at our end of the world.
    Thanks again guys!

    regards Kerry VK4TUB