DV3000 in Japan – Portable DummyRepeater

Note from our new friend Satoru, JA1SCW, on Olive Island in Japan

Portable DummyRepeater

Since I started D-Star about two years ago, I have been looking for a solution for a portable rig like the photo which consists of Raspberry Pi, DV3000, sound card, software, WiFi, battery and smartphone. You may use them as a friend of your daily exercise, walking!!I made hotspots and node adapters in total six to seven sets, but this is the very first ever set which is capable for accessing the networks supported by ircDDBgateway software. At this moment of time, only remaining issue is PTT as I prefer PTTing by using a speaker-mic rather than hitting a PTT button on a smartphone screen.I will be soon 70 years young! hi This requires skills for a soldering and programming but hope everybody could overcome difficulties you may be faced to. Thanks to a great product, DV3000 and people contributed for launching it.Very best 73s,  JA1SCW@ Olive Island in JapanThanks,  Satoru (Radio Name: Steve)



Photo of Portable DummyRepeater w/PTT

Based on information from G8BPQ, Saturo was able to simplify the Portable DummyRepeater and remove the external USB hub which supported a serial connector to get PTT.  Now his PTT goes directly to Pin 3 on the Raspberry Pi.


Block Diagram



Portable Dummy Repeater with DV3000

3 Responses to DV3000 in Japan – Portable DummyRepeater

  1. John Wiseman says:

    If you are using Dummyrepeater, you can connect a PTT switch between PI pin 3 and ground.
    73, John G8BPQ

  2. Satoru Kusaka says:

    John, many thanks for the note above and also DummyRepeaterChangedFiles.zip which is mandatry for this setup.

    Currently I am using an USB-232C converter to trigger the Controller by setting of Serial /dev/ttyUSB0 Cofig 2.

    I will try it later today so that I can eliminate the converter and USB hub as well. 73 Satoru (Steve) JA1SCW

  3. Satoru Kusaka says:

    It works OK, so I removed the USB HUB and serial conveter.

    Thanks, de JA1SCW