Notes on Using AMBEServer with Dummy Repeater

These screen shots are from a Windows 7 notebook running Dummy Repeater and ircDDBGateway with a Raspberry Pi on the LAN with the DV3000 installed.

First get dv3000 running as an AMBEserver — directions

Next, obtain the latest Dummy Repeater at

Install Dummy Repeater

Select Edit Preferences and configure all tabs on the Dummy Repeater, I am just including the two tabs that setup the networking for connecting to the D-STAR/Reflector net and the AMBEserver.
Since we are running Dummy Repeater and ircDDBGateway on the same notebook, we will use the ‘localhost’ interface of for both Gateway and Local Addresses. Ports must be unique and these are good defaults. [It is possible to run the gateway on the Pi or another computer, adjust the address/port accordingly.]

Dummy Repeater Preferences

We also need to tell Dummy Repeater where to find the AMBEserver by selecting DV3000 and the IP address of the Raspberry Pi (ifconfig on the Pi will tell you what it is) and port number (default is 2460).– substitute your Pi address (something like for the in the illustration.

Dummy Repeater Preferences 2

Select OK, to save, then exit and restart Dummy Repeater.

Install and Configure ircDDBGateway

Download from
Using the very newest beta may not be advised. I can confirm 20140305 on Windows works.
Now we setup ircDDB Gateway by using the ircDDBGateway Config program. Review all tabs, I will just show those to configure the gateway and Repeater 1 (which will be Dummy Repeater).
Under Gateway, put your gateway’s callsign in the callsign (If you are not registered on as a fulltime repeater gateway, just use your own callsign).

ircDDBGateway 1

Next tell the gateway where to find the Dummy Repeater. I find selecting “Homebrew” works in this configuration.


If you are not a registered ircDDB 24×7 gateway on, select one of the test or quadnet servers (those not ending in — put your callsign in as Username and no password. If you are registered, use your username/password credentials and the group servers.
Save the configuration and startup ircDDBGateway — it may take up to several minutes for the ircDDB database connection.

ircDDBGateway 2

Overview of connections

AMBEServer with DummyRepeater and ircDDBGateway

AMBEServer with DummyRepeater and ircDDBGateway

5 Responses to Notes on Using AMBEServer with Dummy Repeater

  1. Barry Berg says:

    Wondering if a self contained unit (i.e. dv3000d, dummy repeater, & ricddbgateway can all run on the pi. Also to make the package more compact and self contained using the self-contained wolfson sound card rather than a usb sound card? Anyone have any thoughts about that?

    Barry K0BSB

    • John Hays says:


      JA1SCW Satoru has already built out such a system –

      The current DummyRepeater uses portaudio and it strains to provide good audio, however with the right audio devices it does work. However, John Wiseman, G8BPQ has an alpha DummyRepeater modification that uses ALSA audio which works much better.

      Unfortunately, the Wolfson card does not have passthrough pins to allow stacking of the DV3000 and the Wolfson device has additional pins that need to be soldered on Pi, requiring it to be mounted next to the Pi (not stacked) so mechanically you cannot put both boards on a Pi.

      — John

  2. Douglas Pervine says:

    I just received my DV3000 today. I followed the instruction above and ran into a FATAL error. I am attempting to run DummyRepeater on my RPi along with the AMBEServer.

    I have a fresh install of Raspbian 2014-06-20.

    I downloaded DummyRepeater-20140519 from the Yahoo Group. Compiling went ok. No errors. I was able to execute ‘dummyrepeater’, but as I went to “Edit” / “Preferences”, the application quits and I get:

    FATAL: cannot locate cpu MHz is /proc/cpuinfo

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    –73 de Doug (N1OBU)

  3. John Hays says:

    Note on running Dummy Repeater on the Raspberry Pi from:

    “If you already have dummyrepeater running on your pi, you can just replace the dummyrepeater binary with this:

    If you need to build from source, you can use this source tree instead of

    Diffs between the original any my source can be found here

    73, John G8BPQ”

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