DV3000 AMBE Card Available Now

The UDR supports an optional AMBE Vocoder card for D-STAR Digital Voice or DV. During the last prototype layout of the UDR, it occurred to me that there are over 2 million Raspberry Pis, so if we used the same connector as the Pi, it would have the following advantages.

  • Pi users would have access to AMBE
  • Software development would be in parallel with UDR development
  • Other cards made for the Pi could potentially be used on the UDR

Jonathan Naylor, G4KLX, has adapted his Dummy Repeater to work with the DV3000 on the Pi. This let’s hams talk over the D-STAR network using their computer instead of a radio. He also built several wav / AMBE conversion utilities for testing and comparison of different vocoders. Jonathan joined us at Hamvention for the release of the DV3000, where we sold over 30 units.

The AMBE3000 Chip supports vocoding for:

  • D-STAR – Supported NOW by G4KLX
  • DMR and dPMR
  • Yaesu Fusion
  • P25 Phase 2

Check out the DV3000DS or go to the PRODUCTS page to buy online.

There is a Hamvention special for $89.00, which will be honored for 1 month or until the first run of 100 is gone.

6 Responses to DV3000 AMBE Card Available Now

  1. Dennis says:

    In the early days of D-Star (2002-2003) I supervised an undergraduate ECE capstone senior design project on the DVI AMBE-2020 vocoder, see http://www.temple.edu/k3tu/digitalvoice.htm for the complete technical report. To show how times have changed, this work was by a group of undergraduate female students and was presented at the ARRL/TAPR DCC 2003.

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Would prefer to have the order and account creation web page be https for security.

  3. Vaughn Phillips says:

    Thank you for releasing this! What a good way to spur testing and software development. Brilliant to make this compatible with the RPi!

  4. joe says:

    See how I have to buy yet ANOTHER PI 🙂