DRAWS™ Update! What about the Pi 4?

The DRAWS™ HATs are in stock but the announcement of the Pi 4 has changed the landscape.

We have Pi 4s on order, and a few of our customers have DRAWS™ working on the Pi 4 now (see our support group for details). This proves out the connectivity, but 3 issues remain; power consumption, thermal requirements and mechanical design of the case.

Once we have Pi 4s on the bench, we will analyze these issues and make adjustments accordingly. The goal is to modify the case so it will work with either the Pi 3 or 4.

In the meantime we have suspended ordering of turn-key units. Kits will ship with the case backordered.


The Pi 4 ‘s USB-C Power Input is improperly designed. This shouldn’t matter to DRAWS™ when using our 12VDC Input.