DMR Licensing

We get frequent inquiries about using the UDRCTM for DMR. The problem is, DMR requires a license from Motorola, the cost of which is prohibitive for the Amateur Radio market.

We all know of products that seem to indicate that it’s not really a problem, until it is …



3 Responses to DMR Licensing

  1. Philip McCleary says:

    Just another case of Motorola flexing muscles it no longer has. I wish them luck in trying to get any kind of justice in China if it is even a valid complaint in the first place. Motorola seems to think they invented all forms of communications and have the right to control them and yes that includes two tin cans and a string.
    This sounds a lot like a bunch of US DMR Motorola users getting together to make sure that only real over priced Motorola radios can be used on US DMR systems they just can not stand the idea that a 120.00 dollar radio can do do the same thing that a 900.00 dollar Motorola can do.

  2. VE3MIC says:

    I know that I must be missing something here, but wasn’t DMR developed by ESTI?

    • k7udr says:

      DMR was developed by ETSI. It is not uncommon for Open Standards committees, composed of representatives of major manufacturers, to include licensable IP (patented technology). DMR as well as D-STAR and Yaesu Fusion, uses the AMBE Vocoder, which is licensed from Digital Voice Systems Inc.