ARRL Moves to Kill Speed Limit

The ARRL stated in the September QST that it will file a Petition for Rule Making to delete all references to symbol rate. Although the article was focused on HF, an email exchange with the ARRL confirmed:

“The Board’s instruction is to seek the deletion of all references to symbol rate in 97.307(f). That includes (f)(5) and (f)(6). There is already a bandwidth limit in those subparagraphs.”

This will allow us to move past 56k until we  fully occupy the channel.

For the 70 cm Band §97.307(f)(6) applies

A RTTY, data or multiplexed emission using a specified digital code listed in §97.309(a) of this part may be transmitted. The symbol rate must not exceed 56 kilobauds. A RTTY, data or multiplexed emission using an unspecified digital code under the limitations listed in §97.309(b) of this part also may be transmitted. The authorized bandwidth is 100 kHz.


It’s Q3, Where’s my UDR?

Yes it’s officially Q3 but we still have a ways to go.

Rather than posting new guesstimates of when we’re going to ship, we’ll keep you informed of our progress.

Major Milestones:

  • Beta Unit HW/SW Integration
  • D-STAR Integration
  • Power Amp/Thermal Characterization
  • Extrusion release to manufacturing
  • Web interface  0.5 Published on the Web
  • Pilot Build PCB CPU and Radio
  • Order Confirmation/Release to Manufacturing
  • Initial limited production assembly and test
  • Production rollout

Bryan K7UDR

Pre-Orders Closed

Thanks to the 235 early adopters who ordered 322 UDRs!

Your commitment and enthusiasm are making this product a reality.

We still have a lot of work to do and I will be posting progress on the website as we move towards delivery.

When we have a firm date, all Pre-Orders will receive an order confirmation. At that time you may change or cancel your order.

Once the pre-orders are shipped, we will accept regular orders for delivery from stock.

Bryan K7UDR

UDR56k Discount Ends this Week

Thanks to the nearly 300 early adopters that have pre-ordered.

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it ends June 15th, as you won’t be seeing these discounts on low volumes again.

Pre-orders have the right to increase their quantity or cancel at confirmation time.

10% for a single UDR, save $40

Get a club buy together and save even more:
15% for two or more, save $60 each

Pre-Order Discount Extended

Hi All,

We’ve updated our web-site and rebuilt our database for accepting and tracking Pre-Orders.

We are extending the discount thru June 15th, to take care of our early adopters at Hamvention and Seapac.

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity, as you won’t be seeing these discounts on low volumes again.

10% for a single UDR, save $40

Get a club buy together and save even more:
15% for two or more, save $60

Q1 Update

I hope the new year finds you all well,

Our goal is to provide the best possible digital radio at an attractive price and our efforts the past couple of months have been consumed with component tradeoffs to meet that goal with respect to price, performance and availability. Now with that behind us we have released the beta radio boards to manufacturing and should receive assembled units by the end of March.

Dennis has made great progress on the modulator and Basil has implemented a new interface using WebSockets.

We have substantial work ahead of us optimizing the RF, IF and synthesizer. I am now seeing component lead times reaching 8-12 weeks. Our best estimate is to have beta units in Q2 with production in Q3 (AKA Summer). All Beta units have been allocated.

We will be at MicroHams on Saturday March 23rd in Redmond WA with the new radio boards as well as an APRS demo.


We will be accepting pre-orders later this month. At that time we will release a preliminary Datasheet, User Interface and final discount pricing. These pre-orders will be for planning purposes and we will not be charging any deposit until we have a firm manufacturing slot.

Thank you for your patience,
Bryan Hoyer, CEO

Eclectic Technology Article in the December QST

If you’ve just arrived here from reading Steve Ford’s article in QST, there are a few things you should know that weren’t mentioned in the article:

  • The picture shows the first prototype without the substantial red heat sink
  • The prototype board has two SMA connectors, production units will have a single N connector
  • The UDR56K supports D-STAR DD mode from 4800 to 56 kbps and can be configured as a standalone D-STAR gateway
  • D-STAR DV mode is supported using an optional AMBE vocoder card

Download UDR56K-4 and make sure to subscribe to the website to stay up to date and receive a pre-order discount code. We also have an active Forum on yahoo groups where all things digital and radio are discussed.

Very Low Cost Computing

John’s recent talk at Pacificon


Ham Radio Now

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