Cables and Connectors

From the US Tech License Question Pool:


Which of the following is true concerning the microphone connectors on amateur transceivers?
A. All transceivers use the same microphone connector type
B. Some connectors include push-to-talk and voltages for powering the microphone
C. All transceivers using the same connector type are wired identically
D. Un-keyed connectors allow any microphone to be connected

The UDRC™ has a “standard” 6 pin Mini DIN that works with the Data Port on many radios from Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. Of course there are a variety of connectors and pinouts on both Amateur and Commercial radios.

We’ve found an excellent resource for cost-effective custom cables, right here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re currently having the following mini DIN-6 Cables made for our own use:

  • DE-09M, for the Alinco x35 radios
  • DE-15M, for the new Bridgecom 220 radio

If you need a cable for your radio; contact Randy, W7TUT, directly at: