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UDRC™ – New Wiki Post

There is a new Wiki entry on using the UDRC™ on packet radio with the direwolf soundcard TNC

See: Wiki Post

Using the UDRC™ + Raspberry Pi 3 + 7″ Touchscreen Display + a FT-817 (or other radio) makes a great little desktop Xastir based APRS viewer.

Cables and Connectors

From the US Tech License Question Pool:


Which of the following is true concerning the microphone connectors on amateur transceivers?
A. All transceivers use the same microphone connector type
B. Some connectors include push-to-talk and voltages for powering the microphone
C. All transceivers using the same connector type are wired identically
D. Un-keyed connectors allow any microphone to be connected

The UDRC™ has a “standard” 6 pin Mini DIN that works with the Data Port on many radios from Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. Of course there are a variety of connectors and pinouts on both Amateur and Commercial radios.

We’ve found an excellent resource for cost-effective custom cables, right here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re currently having the following mini DIN-6 Cables made for our own use:

  • DE-09M, for the Alinco x35 radios
  • DE-15M, for the new Bridgecom 220 radio

If you need a cable for your radio; contact Randy, W7TUT, directly at:


UDRC™ Install for Yaesu DR-1X

We have just published the Instructions at
UDRC™ install for DR-1X Wiki Page

Hamvention® 2016 – UDRC Rollout

Members of the NW Digital Radio team just returned from Hamvention® 2016 in Dayton, OH.

We had a Yaesu DR-1X repeater setup on 440+ running System Fusion Digital, Analog FM, and D-STAR using the UDRC in conjunction with the DR-1X’s internal controller.

The booth is located very close to the exit of the main Yaesu booth and a lot of folks passing by noticed the repeater and when the functionality was shown, most who owned a DR-1X immediately purchased one or more UDRCs.

Xastir + Direwolf were also demonstrated using a FT-817 transceiver and UDRC board.  This combination can be configured and operated at either 1200 or 9600 baud packet.

Software and instructions for the UDRC will roll out in the next few days.  It was necessary to repackage the Compass extension to Raspbian due to changes made by the Raspbian development team.  All users of the UDRC need to use the Compass distribution as their operating system to support the necessary drivers.  The code will be available as open source via Github for those interested in the enhancements.  Also, please use the Compass distribution for dstarrepeater package if using the UDRC for D-STAR either as a hotspot or as part of a repeater.

More to come in the coming days and weeks.

We would especially like to thank our UDRC beta testing team for valuable field experience and feedback.

UDRC™ Documentation

Thanks to all who have ordered the UDRC™ and those who are considering it for a future project.

We’re working with our DR1-X Beta sites, finalizing software, settings and documentation. Before we ship your unit in a couple of weeks we will release:

  • Schematic in PDF
  • Electrical Interface Guide
  • SW Setup Guide
  • Free downloadable iso image

All of the software is open-source. Source code is available from the authors.


UDRC™ is now available for ORDER

The UDRC™ has been released to production. We will have stock at Dayton Hamvention, booth EH0515. $90 no shipping and we pay the sales tax.

For those of you who are interested, you may place an order now for delivery when we return from Dayton or come see us at SeaPAC in June.

Units will ship with EITHER the Mini DIN-6 OR HD-15 Cable, not both as indicated earlier.

Universal Digital Radio Controller

Universal Digital Radio Controller

UDRC: The Linux in the Ham Shack Interview

The good folks at the Linux in the Ham Shack podcast interviewed John (K7VE) about the UDRC and other topics.

The segment starts at minute 16:30 of podcast #166

UDRC Status

The UDRC Rev 2 is now operating in the field with our Beta sites. Rev 3 pilot run should be completed this week and, pending confirmation, we will release it to production next week and start accepting orders.

We’ll be demoing the various modes at Dayton Hamvention. Stop by and see us at Booth EH0515 right around the corner from Yaesu.

A Short UDRX and UDRC Update from MicroHAMS 2016

John Speaks at DCC 2015