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Final Post

This will be the final post on the blog, as we have moved all of our discussion to groups.io

Please subscribe to the main group, if you haven’t already. It is an announcment only group with just a few posts per month



We’re Back …

We are able to accept orders for DRAWS™ again. ThumbDV™ will be available soon.

WebSite issues:

We’ve had a malware attack that took the website down for a couple of days. The shop page is still down but will be back up next week.

DRAWS™ Early Adopter Case, Final Release!

We have about a dozen Early Adopter Cases left. They will go on sale at noon tomorrow:

Tuesday March 9th, 12 Noon Pacific Time

We will not be producing any additional Early Adopter Cases, due to quantity limitations.

ThumbDV™ is out of Stock!

The ThumbDV™ is out of stock due to long lead times on components. We estimate availability mid April.

We are not accepting backorders, but have a large quantity in process so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Order for Early Adopter DRAWS™ Case:

We have shipped all of the backorders for EA Cases. If you have not received your EA Case, let me know:


We have about a dozen EA Cases left. We’ll open orders later this week, limit one to a customer.

Backorder Status:

All DRAWS™ Early Adopter Cases have been shipped.

All DRAWS™ Production Cases have been shipped.

If you did not receive your case, or a Tracking Number, contact sales@nwdigitalradio.com with your order number.

We will be shipping new kit orders next, and Turnkey orders in March.

Thanks for your patience. Things should be running smoothly going forward.

DRAWS™Product Status:

We’ve updated pricing after doing an internal review.

DRAWS™ HAT with Cables is Now $159.95

DRAWS™ Aluminum Case is Now $29.95

GPS Antenna/LNA remains $15.00

But the DRAWS™ Kit, which includes all 3, is still $199.95!

All are in stock now

Early Adopter Cases:

We’ve had many recent orders for Early Adopter Cases. We have enough to fulfill all backorders and once we’ve shipped them all this week, we’ll see how many are left. New orders will be filled in the order received.

We have suspended ordering at this time.

DRAWS™ Cases are Shipping to Customers!

All materials are in house now, and the first DRAWS™ Aluminum Cases will ship tomorrow.

Shipments will start with our Early Adopters. If you ordered an Early Adopter Case, make sure that is correct for your DRAWS™ HAT:

DRAWS™ Cases Have Shipped!

We anticipate having all of the case orders resolved by the end of the month, at which time we will focus on our TurnKey backorders.

It’s been a long and arduous task, and we appreciate your patience. We will be publishing an assembly video this week.