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DRAWS™ Shipping Status

There has been a delay in the current DRAWS™ build due to the Chinese New Year closure of our PCB Fab supplier. We anticipate filling all backorders by the end of February.

All NW Digital Radio products are assembled at “Out of the Box” manufacturing in Renton WA USA.

DRAWS™ Aluminum Case Update

We are on track to receive the final prototypes Feb 15th, at which time we can place the production order for the Early Adopter and production cases.

Thanks for your patience.

DRAWS™ Update! What about the Pi 4?

The DRAWS™ HATs are in stock but the announcement of the Pi 4 has changed the landscape.

We have Pi 4s on order, and a few of our customers have DRAWS™ working on the Pi 4 now (see our support group for details). This proves out the connectivity, but 3 issues remain; power consumption, thermal requirements and mechanical design of the case.

Once we have Pi 4s on the bench, we will analyze these issues and make adjustments accordingly. The goal is to modify the case so it will work with either the Pi 3 or 4.

In the meantime we have suspended ordering of turn-key units. Kits will ship with the case backordered.


The Pi 4 ‘s USB-C Power Input is improperly designed. This shouldn’t matter to DRAWS™ when using our 12VDC Input.



DRAWS™ HATs are starting to ship!

Assembled units are moving thru programming and test now, and starting to ship by order date. it will take a week or so to move through the backorders.

Thanks for your patience!

DRAWS Shipping Update:

It was great to meet many of you at Hamvention and SeaPAC.

The latest DRAWS™ HATs will arrive shortly and we will fill all backorders next week.

A date for the cases has not been confirmed. If you ordered a kit, we will ship your board with cables and GPS Antenna next week and ship the cases when they come in; no additional shipping charge.

We will notify everyone via the blog and forum when we have firm dates for cases.

Turnkey units will have to wait for the cases of course.

If you would like to modify your order, use the form at the bottom of the Support page.

Make sure to follow the blog  to receive company updates.

Also, be sure you are subscribed to the forum for ongoing support.

If you need a ThumbDV™, they are in stock now.


Hamvention is Upon US

Hamvention begins Friday and we will be there again this year.

Come by booth 1105 and visit with Bryan and John about the current status of the DRAWS™ System.

Shipping Status Update

We do not have a definitive ship date for Aluminum Cases yet, as a few details are being worked out.

Acrylic cases are available from C4Labs here:


DRAWS Boards are in assembly and will ship when we return from Dayton.

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DRAWS™ Kit and TurnKey Available for Order

We have now opened orders for:

DRAWS™ Kit $199.95
For the Do-It-Your Selfer who wants to save money by doing the “Box Build” and SW Integration:

  • GPS Antenna with LNA
  • 2 Mini DIN-6 M/M 2m Cables
  • Aluminum Case with 5.5mm x 2.1mm Power Connector
  • The customer will provide their own Raspberry Pi and SD Card (which are not included in the kit)

DRAWS™ TurnKey $299.95
Assembled and tested DRAWS™ in an Aluminum Case with Pi and SW Loaded:

  • GPS Antenna with LNA
  • 2 Mini DIN-6 M/M 2m Cables
  • Aluminum Case with 5.5mm x 2.1mm Power Connector
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Heatsink
  • 16GB Micro SD-CARD preloaded with image

If you have a back-order for a DRAWS™ HAT, we will provide a link to upgrade to a Kit or Turnkey Unit later this week.

For existing DRAWS™ Customers:

We have changed the HAT Layout to facilitate assembly, moving the SMA connector from the side to the end. This makes the new aluminum case incompatible with the Early-Adopter HATs.

We have partnered with C4Labs to make an excellent Acrylic Case that will work with either layout. Join their mailing list for price and delivery.


All Early-Adopters will also receive a discount coupon to purchase a Kit or TurnKey unit.

DRAWS™ Turnkey Units

We’re just back from the Excellent MicroHAMs conference in Redmond WA.

The aluminum cases and full turnkey units will be available for purchase on April 15th, shipping by Dayton Hamvention. We will have stock on-hand for sale at Hamvention as well.

DRAWS™ Shipping Schedule

First units arrived yesterday, March 13th. After programming, test and packaging we’ll begin shipping backorders.

This batch has completely sold out. The next batch is already scheduled for late April, by which time cases should be available as well.