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DRAWS™ Cases Have Shipped!

DRAWS™ cases have shipped from the manufacturer and we will start shipping once they arrive!

Important: Make sure you have ordered the correct case for your DRAWS™ HAT!

Please review your case order.
If your DRAWS™ HAT looks like this (SMA to left of DIN-6 connectors), Order the “early adopter” case

If it looks like one of these (SMA on the narrow side of board), you need the “production” case. If you ordered an “early adopter” case, please enter an upgrade order to get the correct case.



Holiday Shutdown

We will be closed Dec 24th thru Jan 3

Happy Holidays!

ThumbDV™ Shipping Status

The latest run of the ThumbDV has run into component availability issues with oscillators showing 20 week lead time. We have sourced an alternate programmable oscillator which is being qualified now. Assuming all goes well, we will be shipping first week of December.

UPDATE: The new oscillators passed qualification and the assembly run is scheduled to ship to us on or before Dec 4th. We’ll ship all of the backorders as soon as they arrive.

DRAWS™ Cases have moved to production!

We evaluated the latest samples last week and have approved them for production. Estimated delivery is 6-8 weeks, so we hope to be shipping by the end of the year. Both Early Adopter and Production Cases are now available for pre-order.

We were able to provide a fan option for both Cases. We tested with this 25mm 5VDC Fan which provides ~10 Deg C temperature reduction when pushing into the case and is silent.

Maker Focus PI-FAN

I’ll publish complete thermal results for the Pi 3 & 4 later this week.



DRAWS™ Cases Moving to Production!

The final prototypes have arrived and have been checked for assembly. We are moving to the production order this week, after final touch-up, so we should have cases ready to ship in 6-8 Weeks.

We will post an assembly video soon, and will open orders after that.

Excuse the Kitchen Counter Photos, I wanted you to see the final Case design. Both Cases support the Pi 3 or 4.

Thanks for your patience,
Bryan K7UDR

Early Adopter Case, with the GPS Antenna on the side, mounted on a Pi 3:

Production Case, with the GPS Antenna on the end, mounted on a Pi 4:

Top View, Both Cases:

Buster Updated to Support Catalina

Buster, the DSTAR app for MacOS using the ThumbDV™, has been updated to work with Catalina and is available on the App Store.

Thanks to Annaliese McDermond, NH6Z, with help from the open source community.


DRAWS™ Case Update:

Checked out the latest case prototypes. Only had a few minor corrections, so we updated the CAD files and ordered production samples. Once they arrive we will have a production ship date.

DRAWS™ Shipping Status:

As of today all backorders have been filled on DRAWS™ Boards.

We now have 30 boards IN STOCK!

We have started a new run so we should have stock on hand going forward.

DRAWS™ Shipping Status

Boards are in test and backorders will ship this week.

Product Shipping Status:

ThumbDV™ is in stock!

DRAWS™ Boards are in the ASSY Queue, still waiting on a few components.

DRAWS™ Cases should receive approval this week.