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DRAWS™ Digital Radio Amateur Workstation Early Adopter Sale

We are Now Accepting Orders for DRAWS™ !

Early adopters can purchase the DRAWS board for $129.95, a $20 discount along with the companion GPS/LNA Antenna for $9.95, a $5 discount.

Delivery will be in early October. We will release an image with preloaded applications at that time.

Here’s the Product Brief:


ThumbDV Clearance SALE

The current stock of ThumbDVs will be on sale for $99.95, a $20 Discount, until existing stock is gone. We are making an updated version with component changes to facilitate assembly.


So get yours now before the price returns to $119.95!

ThumbDV Sale has been extended thru August!

We are please to announce that the $99.95 sale price has been extended thru the end of August. Get yours now!

ThumbDV July Sale!

The ThumbDV is on sale now thru the end of July for $99.95!

If you have questions about a recent order, please email to

Bryan K7UDR

XC-3006 Full Build

The production run arrives this week as well as cases and power connectors. We will ship next week once the units have passed test.

You will need to provide a 12V nominal PS (9-15V will work).

The cases will require modification to access the power and USB.

After shipping existing orders we will have a few additional units for sale.

This is a custom build for the XLX team, using their design found at and we will warrant the hardware from defects for 90 days.

All software and configuration support is from the XLX team at and community at

XC-3006 Passes Initial Test

First article was received and John succesfully tested the units over the weekend. The full build is in process and we will ship next week after Dayton Hamvention.

Bryan K7UDR

XC-3006 Update

The last components arrive this week. We have accelerated assembly to a 5 day turn so we should be shipping by Mid May.

Bryan K7UDR

XC-3006 Build is underway

Fabs and long-lead parts are on order. We are anticipating delivery in April.

We’ll keep you informed as things move forward.

Bryan K7UDR

XC-3006 Moves to Production

We have 26 orders on the books, so we are moving to production. We will continue to accept orders until the end of February. We should be shipping in April.

This will not be a stock item, we are building to order only. There will only be a future build if we reach sufficient numbers again, so if you are interested, now is the time to place an order.

We want to thank again the XLX team for “Putting the Amateurs back in Amateur Radio” by providing their transcoding solution.


Last Chance for the XC-3006

Today is the last day to order an XC-3006 6 Channel AMBE Vocoder. We’ve received 22 of the 25 orders required for an assembly run. We need 3 more to make the run.

If you are one of the 30 Kickstarter Backers and you haven’t received your discount coupon please email me.

Bryan K7UDR