ARRL Moves to Kill Speed Limit

The ARRL stated in the September QST that it will file a Petition for Rule Making to delete all references to symbol rate. Although the article was focused on HF, an email exchange with the ARRL confirmed:

“The Board’s instruction is to seek the deletion of all references to symbol rate in 97.307(f). That includes (f)(5) and (f)(6). There is already a bandwidth limit in those subparagraphs.”

This will allow us to move past 56k until we  fully occupy the channel.

For the 70 cm Band §97.307(f)(6) applies

A RTTY, data or multiplexed emission using a specified digital code listed in §97.309(a) of this part may be transmitted. The symbol rate must not exceed 56 kilobauds. A RTTY, data or multiplexed emission using an unspecified digital code under the limitations listed in §97.309(b) of this part also may be transmitted. The authorized bandwidth is 100 kHz.


3 Responses to ARRL Moves to Kill Speed Limit

  1. Van says:

    I have only seen the word ‘bauds’ used in ham radio and the ARRL. I believe the s on the end is incorrect and should be eliminated as it appears silly.

  2. KB9MWR says:

    It sounds nice, but it will be several years before it’s enacted. (ex: we are still waiting for MotoTRBO to be authorized) By then we will want uniformity between the data and video authorized bandwidths. I don’t understand the ARRL’s piecemeal approach, it seems illogical.

    When will your radio be available?